At the Gates
Pillars of  Light
Pillars of  Light

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The Guardians of Recreation are masters of the spontaneous durge.
That means we get together and make something up.

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bug buttonPagans in Paradise (CD #3)

Heart of the Matter 2:03 / 2.8 mb
The Door is Always Open

Free 3:08 / 4.3 mb
What was it you were dreaming?

Throw it Away 1:51 / 2.5 mb
Something to offend everyone!

Can't Imagine 2:21 / 3.2 mb
Mountain of lies...

First Time 2:47 / 3.8 mb
Today is your lucky day.

Too Much 2:27 / 3.3 mb
For all them thieves in the fish world?

Magic 1:12 / 1.6 mb
What is it you believe?

Feel Good 2:29 / 3.4 mb
You will have a good time.

The Goo 2:47 / 3.8 mb
It's gonna hurt...

Pope 2:10 / 2.9 mb
No way Jose!

Funky Shoes 1:19 / 1.8 mb
We got nothing left to lose...

Secrets 1:35 / 2.2 mb
Not what it appears to be.

bug buttonAt the Gates (CD #2)

Wave O Love 1:50 / 2.5 mb
Live from The Cave... from The Cave

Sometimes 2:15 / 3.1 mb
Can't you feel it?
Thanks to Sister Susan Moeller for backup vocals.

One World 3:18 / 4.6 mb
Doesn't really matter which side you're on.
Thanks to Sister Deebra for backup vocals.

Will of the People 1:50 / 2.6 mb
Like a wild animal in the forest...

Thin Line 2:56 / 4.1 mb
Which side of the road are you on?

Take it Back 2:16 / 3.2 mb
Dont ask...

Shake it Loose 1:00 / 1.4 mb

Sticky Love 2:18 / 3.2 mb
All that you feel is revealed in the field around you.
Or something like that.

Count on You 2:00 / 2.8 mb
Ever get the feeling you're running out of time?

Disc Shuffle 1:34 / 2.2 mb
Pair of aces... being a logo on a golf disc.

Good Thing 2:24 / 3.3 mb
You can always come back for more.
Thanks to Katy Palmiere for backups.

The Mirror 3:24 / 4.8 mb
For the war...
Thanks again to Katy Palmiere for backups.

bug buttonPillars of Light (CD #1)

St Germane 2:33 / 3.6 mb
Michael got hit with some internet hoopla about St Germane, and out this popped!
Thanks to Sister Susan for background vocals.

Recreate Your Way to Heaven 3:04 / 4.3 mb
Stairway to Heaven it aint.

Stay Tuned 0:52 / 1.2 mb
Why not? It's short and it's free?

Eco This 2:52 / 4.0 mb
98 point what? You gotta wonder what Michael was thinking?

Ghosts on Fritz Lane 3:13 / 4.5 mb
Who knows what to make of this? It could be real?

Sister Evarista 3:25 / 4.8 mb
Another sad but true story... Where is the good sister now?

Funky J 0:30 / 0.7 mb
(aka Jagermeister... ) The 'Dragons' was a song that got recorded over...
Too much Funky J perhaps?

Begging for Bread 2:55 / 4.1 mb
Just another bad experience in Chiapas.

It's Just a Game 1:52 / 2.6 mb
Shoot your TV... before it sucks out your brain!

New Day 7:11 / 10 mb
Pillar of Light indeed.

Arms Out to the World 1:41 / 2.4 mb
Mikey likes babies...